ARCH 06/2020 – Office & Restaurant, Bratislava

Industrial transformation respecting tradition
reconstruction authors: Fukatschová – Krasula
text: Adam Kubica, photography: Krasula, ARCH magazine

Kominárska is a seemingly inconspicuous street connecting Račianska Street and the train station with the persisting industrial atmosphere of a place in immediate contact with the city. Recent distinct residential development contributed to the revival of this iconic place and brought a breath of fresh air to the location. Kominárska Street combines the attributes of urban development with local industrial tradition. With the reconstruction of a small hall compound, a creative working space with a unique atmosphere has been created. The owner of the company residing in these premises, who is also one of the authors of the reconstruction, decided to save a run-down industrial building at the last minute.  With great determination and a sense for detail, he has created a place with exceptional character, while respecting traditions.

The original hall compound with an open interior layout allowed the owner to modify the new interior based on his ideas and needs. During the reconstruction, a steel mezzanine ceiling board construction was built inside, increasing the original floor area by almost double and dividing the space into two floors interconnected with a gallery located at the entrance. As for the layout, a modifiable open space has been created with work stations and separated office cubicles at the end of the wing, which minimized the space needed for aisles. On the side, there are rooms for relaxation, the occasional workout and a representational meeting room with a glass wall with a view of the gallery.

Paying respect to the industrial tradition of the location and the building itself, the original elements of steel roof construction and load-bearing perimeter columns were maintained and made visible, and thus became a distinct interior element. The central element is a lift with an open construction which visually links both floors. The interior furnishing was selected to match the dominant industrial elements of the original building. It is clear from first glance that the owner took great care when choosing all interior elements to be in harmony with the space. At the entrance, there are bold black industrial lamps hanging from the original beams. When walking through the space, one can clearly see the owner’s sense for detail and harmony not only in the standard main interior elements, such as the lighting, floor and core furnishings, but also on door handles and decorations, eye-catching contrasting heaters with bold control valves, sockets, switches and creative company merchandise

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