BIG SEE Architecture Award 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, Slovenia

May 2022 

At the beginning of May, our studio took part in the BIG SEE Architecture Award ceremony at the BIG SEE Architecture Award Festival in Slovenia. We scored points in the international category of residential buildings by winning two prizes for the Villa Black and White project in Košice for 2021 and for the Family House BSM project in Martin for 2022. The event was beautifully organized, we met a lot of domestic and foreign colleagues.

On Stage 180, both projects were presented by architect Simona Rusnačková and together with architect Gabriela Fukatschová they received the award in the shape of a blue box. The Villa Black and White project is a building designed on a slope in a new location in Košice, where the facade and the entire design of the building is in the spirit of a simple black and white colour scheme. The Family House BSM project is a minimalist building realized in the mountain environment of Martin, where the design determines the appearance and operation of the building.

At the festival there was the opportunity to listen and experience the atmosphere of lectures and presentations by European designers and architects as well as the presentation of the light design Light in Architecture by designer Kari Kola from Finland,, or Juhani Pallasmaa.

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