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author of the text, author of the photo Ľubomír Sabo

The Archinfo website published a nice report about our realization of the Photographic studios in nature in Hrušov.

The whole concept was born during the pandemic, when investors decided to move their operations from western Slovakia to the romantic countryside around Hrušov. On the site of former vineyards, photographers Ľubomír Sabo and Katarína Sabová are finishing a trio of small objects – prefabricated wooden houses. They serve as a study,
studio and accommodation. Fresh air movement is welcome, as are views of the landscape and relaxation on the terraces. The facades made of self-tanned larch wood form a distinctive link.

Architect Gabriela Fukatschová and investors Ľubomír Sabo and Katarína Sabová will reveal more:

The original project was planned to be made of shipping containers, but due to the lack of containers, time constraints and land availability, they opted for a prefabricated wooden house. The entire structure consists of three buildings: an office, a studio and accommodation.

The team took inspiration from architecture, particularly Far Eastern architecture and the Shou-sugi-ban technique. Although each building is
different, they are united by their black cladding. It draws on a tradition that is not only typical of this region, but also the Far East. Shou-sugi-ban, an old Japanese method of tanning wood to help increase its resistance to weather, pests, wood-destroying fungi, as well as fire, is mainly used for cladding houses. In Japan, they use cypress wood for cladding, in Slovakia, after consultations, the choice fell on larch wood. In these conditions, it is the ideal wood for facade cladding.

The individual buildings are loosely scattered on the hillside overlooking the distant landscape. The simple buildings are rectangular in plan, built on a bed of cobbles, set into the alluvium of the hill. The buildings have grown outdoors away from the traditional Hrushov development and blend in nicely with the local wildlife.


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