CEZAAR 2023, our project in Hrušov is shortlisted by the jury – sightseeing

source text Archinfo.sk, photo JRKVC, Ľubomír Sabo

In the warm June days of this year, an international group of judges visited our realization of the Photographic studios in Hrušov on the basis of a shortlisted jury in the prestigious Slovak architectural competition CEZAAR.

For the 22nd time the Slovak Chamber of Architects has awarded the best of contemporary Slovak architecture.

As in previous years, the CE ZA AR will be awarded in five typological categories: Family Houses, Residential Houses, Civic and Industrial Buildings, Interior and Exterior. The sixth category is Phenomena of Architecture, which allows the jury to highlight different aspects of architectural quality without typological limitations.

The Board of the Slovak Chamber of Architecture will also announce the winner of the Patron of Architecture Award for special contribution to the development of architecture, and the Public Award will also be awarded, based on an online vote.

The jury members in this year were : Architects – Juraj Benetin / svk /, Dana Čupková / usa /, Ján Hoffstädter / svk /, Petra Kunarová / cz /, Igor Marko / svk, uk / , Jan Schindler / cz /, Lucie Vogelová / cz /

The patronage of the current edition was assumed by the President of the Slovak Republic, the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic and the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

The aim of the CE ZA AR competition is not only to present the work of the members of the Slovak Chamber of Architects and to award the best works, but also to draw the attention of the wider public to the social value of architecture as such. Architecture is a means of common life. It connects communities and provides spaces for meeting and cooperation. From public parks and squares to housing and civic buildings, together in architecture we can create high quality, beautiful and sustainable built environments. Through responsible design, we can create new opportunities for social interaction, work, recreation and quality of

The award has long been dedicated to the role of local government in shaping cities and towns, and demonstrates that quality architecture, or responsibly designed public buildings and spaces, are a pathway to a higher quality of life for residents.

Although our work did not win the CEZAAR Award Nomination in the end, we had a pleasant experience at the meeting and thank you for visiting!

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